About Us

Sherrill Morgan, Mike Williams, Mark Morgan

Who we are..

We are a family owned company with an on staff attorney, CPA, licensed underwriter, Medicare specialist, 5 agents, 2 MBA's, a certified nutrition and wellness consultant, an actuary, and a pharmacist.

What we do..

Although we wear many different hats, SHERRILL MORGAN is most commonly refered to as a benefits broker. What does this mean? It means that we act as a liaison between you or your company and insurance companies like Anthem, Humana, Cigna, etc.

Why do you need a liaison? We help you find the best rate and to design the best plan. We monitor your plan and figure out what your next step is so that you don't have to. Other services include government services, individual benefits, life insurance, Medicare solutions, corporate wellness, on-site or near-site health and wellness centers, and retirement planning.

Our Principles..

Based out of Covington, KY, SHERRILL MORGAN has been in business for 45 years. We have built our company on the principals of honesty, transparency, and trust. It is how we have grown and gotten to where we are today.

Customer Service..

SHERRILL MORGAN has developed a systematic approach toward streamlining the enrollment process, keeping you informed of the latest data at quarterly meetings, and of course, client and employee satisfaction. Brokers are available to you daily so that you are never without representation if the need arises.

We have systems in place that ensure timely, regular planning meetings and communication with you throughout the year.  Our customer service department utilizes systems that track customer service issues from the date of receipt to final resolution.  Reports can be created that are client-specific and that illustrate the number and type of service issues a group is experiencing.