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Healthy Selfie

Upcoming Challenge:

Healthy Selfie

Beginning May 1st, Lean Wellness will be offering our Healthy Selfie challenge. The goal of this challenge is to complete a healthy activity (riding a bike, eating an apple, etc.) and to take a selfie while doing so to document your progress.

All participants will be entered to win a Fitbit Inspire. To be entered to win, participants will post a healthy selfie and tag the picture on Facebook or Instagram using #leanhealthyselfie. Each picture (one per day) will count as an entry, and Lean Wellness will draw a winner at the end of the month.

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Free Wellness Challenges:

Lean Squat Challenge
Runs through summer. Lean Wellness will provide a
30 Day Summer Squat Challenge calendar. Squats begin
at 50 squats per day and progress to 250 squats per day. Participants can post a picture of their squat using #LeanSquatChallenge to be entered to win a prize.

Runs through fall. Each day during November, participants will plank and give thanks following our Planksgiving calendar. Planksgiving will begin with a 30 second plank and progress to a three minute plank. All participants who post a photo using #leanplanksgiving will be entered to win a prize.

Hydration Challenge
Runs through winter. Lean Wellness will provide a hydration chart. As participants drink a glass of water, they will mark it on the hydration chart and track their progress. The goal of this challenge is to drink eight glasses of water a day. All participants who post a photo using #leanhydration will be entered to win a prize.