Four Fitness Flaws Affecting Oral Health

September 23, 2016  |  Wellness
Client Response

- Dental Care Plus

Bottled Water. Many people assume the bottled water they drink is healthier than regular tap water. But unlike tap water, bottled water rarely contains optimal levels of fluoride—increasing the risk of tooth decay.

Sports Drinks. Sports drinks, though less sugary than juice, can still cause damage. They commonly contain citric acid, which temporarily softens the enamel of healthy teeth. Brushing immediately after drinking can increase the problem by scratching and eroding the softened enamel. Wait at least 60 minutes after drinking a sports drink to brush.

Energy Bars. Energy bars are crunchy, chewy and sweet. Similar to a candy bar, food particles and sugars from energy bars can coat your teeth for hours. This creates a haven for bacteria that can damage your teeth and erode your gums. If you plan on eating energy bars, remember to rinse your mouth out with some water afterwards.

Not Using A Mouth Guard. Many kids’ sports require a mouthpiece to protect young teeth, but those rules aren’t always enforced. Adult recreational leagues and informal pick-up games are even more lax.

Crowns and replacement teeth are expensive and can only match your own teeth when they are new.