Employee Benefits

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How does it work?  

We begin by finding out what you want and then we work hard to make sure you get it.  

SHERRILL MORGAN works with clients to develop a long term plan for their employee benefits in order to get rising costs under control. All of the following areas are examined as part of this long term plan:   

  • Financial Goals:  What are your financial goals?  What percent of cost do you want your employees to contribute now and in the future? As part of the development of financial goals, we will do an extensive analysis of your cost history which will focus on how to slow cost increases in the future.    
  • Consumer-Driven Goals:  This is the area with the greatest potential for employee involvement. We will help you to bring the new plan to your employees through employee meetings, information sessions, and printed materials. 
  • Wellness Goals:  Wellness programs can be customized to fit our clients needs, whatever they may be. We can help you with wellness programs ranging from basic fitness classes to lifestyle classes to incentive based (premium reduction) wellness programs.  
  • Pharmacy Goals:  SHERRILL MORGAN helps you to define your goals with respect to your pharmacy program. The financial impact of over the counter programs, specialty drugs, and designer drugs will be examined throughout this process.  
  • Plan Design Goals:  Deductibles and copays are evaluated to make sure they coordinate with the your goals.

We are there every step of the way through plan design, implementation, and management with consideration to the needs of your employees. Our goal is to help you achieve yours. 

Other areas of expertise included in our services are: 

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements 
  • Health Savings Accounts 
  • Wellness Programs 
  • On or Near Site Health and Wellness Centers (clinics) 
  • Eligibility Policies 
  • Pharmacy Strategies