Employee Benefits

Employee benefits

Do you want the best and the brightest to work for you?  

Stay competitive by offering quality benefits at an affordable cost. 

SHERRILL MORGAN specializes in helping employers find the best benefit plans for their employees. We represent clients of all sizes, whether self funded or fully insured.

The following is a brief explanation of self funding versus fully insured: Our fully insured clients recieve coverage for their employees by paying an insurance company a certain amount in annual premium. It does not matter whether the client's actual annual healthcare cost is more or less than the annual premium. The client will not recieve any money back if the actual cost is less, and the client will not pay any more if the actual cost is more. On the other hand, our self funded clients recieve coverage in exactly the opposite way. If the amount is less than the amount paid, they recieve funds back. However, if the amount of actual cost is higher, the self funded client will pay more.

For all of our clients, we will work with you through our long term planning model to develop a plan that works for you, all the while letting you know exactly what we are doing and how much it costs. When it comes to employee benefits, it is important to remember these three items: 

1. If you think you are paying too much for the quality of benefits you recieve,  you probably are.

2. If you have a 0% increase upon renewal, you are DEFINITELY paying too much.

3. If you have never compared your benefit plan to the national average, it is a great step to take in monitoring your plan's success.

As your broker/consultant, we are here to help your employees with everything from medical, dental, vision, life, and disability benefits to the renewal process to employee health management.  We are involved in every aspect of developing and maintaining your employee health plan.

Health Care Reform

Health care reform is one of the most talked about and confusing issues in the public as well as private industry. With so many aspects of health care reform unknown and the rules constantly changing, it is all but impossible to know everything.

SHERRILL MORGAN routinely hosts health care reform seminars in which clients and non clients alike can come and learn more about health care reform. Seminars are free. We know health care reform is stressful, so we try to make it as easy for you as possible.

Below are some of the items that are discussed at our seminars: 

• "Pay or Play Penalties" • Women's Preventitive Care
• Minimum Value Calculator • Patient- Centered Outcomes Reseach
• SBC Requirements • Transitional Reinsurance Program
• State and Federal Exchanges • Stand Alone HRA's
• Safe Harbors • Pre-existing Conditions
• Look Back Periods • Wellness Programs