Goverment Services


How do you stay ahead of the game?

You find a new way to play.

Innovation is the key to staying ahead of rising health care costs. We have been practicing innovation in all of the following areas: 

Employee Health Management

SHERRILL MORGAN helps clients design wellness programs that meet their individual needs whether this is a basic wellness program or a more complex incentive based program. We will then help you to select a vendor or to run the program yourself. SHERRILL MORGAN also helps with employee communications describing the benefits of the plan. 

There are different financial options available, depending on the "right fit" plan for you. Measurements of return on investment (ROI) are calculated in the reporting, but an industry standard for monetary ROI is a minimum of two to three years. 

Many of the programs that SHERRILL MORGAN has implemented have had an immediate ROI, such as being able to detect minor and major health conditions of which employees were previously unaware. We are experienced in developing wellness programs in which the employer can track certain health conditions, such as high blood pressure, and then reward or penalize employees for their actual success in managing their conditions. 

SHERRILL MORGAN also has an on staff certified wellness trainer who oversees the relationship between client and wellness vendor to ensure that all needs are met. 

In addition, SHERRILL MORGAN has a wellness subsidiary called L.E.A.N. Team Wellness for those clients who are interested in a corporate wellness vendor. 

On-site or Near-site Clinics

SHERRILL MORGAN will work with you to develop the determine the possibility of on-site or near-site clinics, as we have had the opportunity to analyze and implement 4 on-site and near-site clinics.  During our analysis of clinics we focus on how cost-effective the programs are likely to be for our clients.  Through this process we have been able to break down the marketing and sales forecasts of clinic providers to both reasonable and realistic levels of savings. 

We complete an in-depth analysis prior to recommending this concept to our clients.  Our work and diligence in this area has provided us with considerable insight when dealing with the ever-growing number of clinic providers and reviewing offers put before our clients.  We have found that in some cases clinics can successfully help to control health plan costs and provide needed services. 

We are currently working with several clients in evaluating the benefits of on-site or near-site clinics and in gauging the possible savings such clinics would provide. 

Pharmacy Strategies

Pharmacy claims are a major cost-driver for any health plan.  SHERRILL MORGAN uses several strategies to contain the cost of this important benefit.  For instance, health plans can cover over-the-counter substances in order to move members from more costly prescribed drugs. 

This, along with other programs, can greatly impact prescription drug costs.  We also recommend transparent and pass-through contracting for our client’s pharmacy program to ensure that drugs are purchased at the best possible discount and that all rebates come back to the employer.  SHERRILL MORGAN also helps our clients to select copay structures that are designed to maximize generic utilization. Our pharmacy services include:

  • Evaluation of specialty or designer drugs’ impact to the plan
  • Proper coverage of smoking cessation products
  • A detailed drug cost and use evaluation comparing the organization’s pharmacy data to its own historical data and also to industry data  
  • The Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drug program enables employees to save money by covering over-the-counter substances under the prescription drug card.  It allows members to substitute less expensive medications for more expensive prescription substances.  A special, reduced copay is established for these over-the-counter substances in order to encourage members to participate.  For instance, some employers with $5 or $10 generic copays charge $1 or no copay at all for a thirty-day supply of the OTC substances.  SHERRILL MORGAN will help to educate employees regarding the benefits of this program.