Goverment Services


What are consulting services?

When working as a licensed consultant, we are contracted directly with the employer and work on a fixed fee basis. This means that the fee is decided between Sherrill Morgan and the client. As a consultant for the client, we cover all aspects of employee benefits including stop loss negotiation, renewals, employee health management, and collaboration.

What are Agent/Broker services?

When working as a licensed agent/broker, we are contracted through the product being purchased (i.e. health insurance) and typically (but not always) work on a commission basis, often determined by the insurance company.

Why do you need a consultant or agent/broker?

Agent/brokers and consultants help your company to find the best plan for you fitting into both your quality and your budget needs. We also help you to design a plan that is competitive with national and regional data.

What is our compensation philosophy?

Our compensation philosophy is based on being transparent and disclosing all methods of compensation. Often, commissions are not disclosed by agents/brokers. It is SHERRRILL MORGAN policy to disclose that information to our clients annually. This is useful since government employers do not file the tax form 5500 and would otherwise recieve no IRS disclosure of this amount.